Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital

The CDC is continuously updating the status of COVID-19 pandemic. Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital has decided to restrict visitation until further notice for the protection of our patients, employees, and our community.

If you’re looking for a rehabilitation hospital for you or your loved one, we hope you will consider Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital. We provide specialized rehabilitative services to patients throughout the Laredo area who are recovering from disabilities caused by injuries, illnesses, or chronic medical conditions.

Our Passion

Patients are our priority. We are passionate about patient care and consider it a privilege to be able to provide services to patients and their family members throughout Laredo and surrounding areas.

Your Rehabilitation Team

Our specially trained medical professionals work as a team with our patients and family members to enable our patients to return home at their highest level of independence.

4 years
Your Recovery

We provide the highest level of inpatient rehabilitative services available to patients in our own community.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive inpatient rehabilitative services to people recovering from disabilities caused by injuries or illnesses. We help our patients regain their physical or cognitive abilities so they can return home at their highest level of independence.

Accredited by The Joint Commission

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At Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital, we strive to create healing and nurturing environments for our patients to address medical, emotional and social needs.

Inpatient Rehabilitation
Transitional Outcomes Program
Nationally Recognized Programs
Inpatient Rehabilitation

At Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital, we provide rehabilitative services to people recovering from disabilities caused by injuries or illnesses.

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At Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital, we are pleased to offer our patients the latest in rehabilitative technology.

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What patients say about Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital

At Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital, nothing pleases us more than when we hear from patients and their loved ones about their experiences with us.

  • “At Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital, I met heavenly people who have done God’s work, and I can never repay them. But I know God will. All staff as well as patients were the closest I’ll come to experiencing heaven on earth.”

  • “When I came here to Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital, I had pain to my body, especially my upper extremities. I no longer have pain, and I can move my arms freely. I am better able to swallow my food. I really hope that anyone who comes to this hospital receives the same care and attention that I did, and that they leave almost fully recovered just like me. “

  • "I was very pleased with the care at Laredo Rehabilitation Hospital. The members of staff are very attentive.”